Movie Night: Watching Old Classics

The world of cinematography has significantly improved over the last few decades, with the advances in technology improving the visual appeal of movies and creating high-graphic content. The sound has also significantly improved and the experience is as immersive as ever. However, there is something extremely special about an old classic. The slightly blurry screen, the old cheesy jokes and the actors, who are now legends in the industry, often in starting-out roles. Although movies have changed and improved over time, sometimes you just feel like watching an old classic as it transports you to an older time when people often think things were simpler.

Ocean’s Eleven

One of the highest-grossing films and often voted one of the best to go back and watch is ‘Ocean’s Eleven’. The reason it is so famous is because it was one of the first movies to ever make the nightlife and casino life of Las Vegas a fashionable thing. Of course, today the world of casinos is integrated into many people’s lives, including the phones that they take with them with online games where you can try some real money casinos but 20 years ago when the movie came out, the world of casinos was not something that everyone knew about. Of course, with actors like Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Julia Roberts on the screen, a movie can only be exceptional. The storyline is also interesting as it follows a heist in Las Vegas that takes spectators through a whole array of feelings and emotions. It’s a classic movie that is on many people’s checklists.

Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford is no stranger to fame. However, when he was first cast as Indiana Jones in 1981 for ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, he was in his thirties and whilst already a great actor, perhaps not as famous as he is now. He had to carry an entire film and the main character and then carried the franchise that became of it in Hollywood and the rest of America. The movies are super engrossing as Jones goes on journeys that you could not imagine. He escapes near-death moments at every turn, fights off animals and people alike in the most unlikely situations, manages to climb a mountain with nothing but his feet and somehow always survives a fall down a 30ft waterfall. The older versions of the movie are a bit slower than the newer ones but this adds to the charm of what makes it a classic. Fall in love with Indiana Jones, as many did in the early 80s and watch how tantalizing even older movies can be.

James Bond 007

If you are going to mention classics, you cannot forget James Bond. Many different actors have played this role since its movie inception in 1962 called ‘Dr. No’. The movies were all based on novels that the British novelist, Ian Fleming, had written. The Bond movie franchise did what certain other movie franchises did not do well, which was turn a book into a movie. However, the essence of the book was properly captured in the movies and the ability to have visual stimulation was an added benefit. The tools and spy gadgets that Bond received were always the smartest things. To see them now, so many years later, might come across as a bit amusing but back then they were all the rave. It is also a movie that has traveled well, with even some of the latest adaptations becoming immediate classics. You have to watch it yourself to understand the power and appeal of James Bond, how he orders his martini shaken not stirred and how he always manages to get out of tricky situations unscathed and with a beauty on his arm somehow.

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