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Les Grosses Têtes is a French radio show that started in 1976. The show is broadcast live Monday to Friday from 10am to 12:30pm on RTL.

Les Grosses Têtes is a French radio program that started in 1976. The program is broadcast live Monday to Friday from 10 am to 12:30 pm on RTL. This may interest you : Comedy Central. Sophie Davant has been the show’s host since 2014. Every week, a celebrity is invited to the show.

The show is broadcast live from Luxembourg. Live streaming allows listeners to participate in the show by calling or texting. Listeners can also participate online on the RTL website.

Les Grosses Têtes is a very popular radio show in France. The show’s listeners are mostly women over the age of 50. Renaud’s song “Les Grosses Têtes” is very popular with the show’s listeners.

Sophie Davant is a well-known animator in France. She hosted several TV shows before joining RTL in 2014. Sophie Davant is very popular with RTL listeners.

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RTL’s Big Heads: who are they?

RTL’s Les Grosses Têtes is a very popular radio program in Luxembourg. It is broadcast every day of the week on RTL, one of the biggest television and radio channels in Luxembourg. To see also : NPO 2. The show is presented by Sophie Dutordoir, a famous Luxembourg presenter. every day, Sophie Dutordoir is accompanied by different guests, often Luxembourg celebrities.

The themes of the show are very varied, but the guests often talk about their latest project or current events. The show is very popular in Luxembourg because it allows viewers to discover their favorite celebrity from a new angle.

RTL’s Les Grosses Têtes program is broadcast every day from 6 p.m. It is available live on the RTL website or in replay.

The Big Heads characters are all unique and each have their own personality. They are all fun and each have their own story.

Luxembourg – The characters of Les Grosses Têtes are all unique and each have their own personality. See the article : Nickelodeon. They are all fun and each have their own story.

Les Grosses Têtes is a Luxembourg television program broadcast on RTL Television. The program is presented by a team of presenters and guests who discuss the news, songs and climate.

The program is very popular in Luxembourg and is followed by all generations. The guests of the program are often famous Luxembourgers, but foreign guests are also invited on occasion.

The program is broadcast live and is often interactive with the audience. Viewers can call the studio to give their opinion on the topics discussed.

The program airs every weekday at 6:30 p.m.

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