A very bad plan on Netflix: a detective comedy that disappoints on many points, our review


If A Very Bad Plan promises us a good moment of entertainment and suspense with a rather promising cast, this detective comedy available on Netflix makes many mistakes. Our verdict!

In recent days, Netflix has been full of new things: after Mank , a film reserved for cinephiles , the platform unveiled A very bad plan , a detective comedy directed by Detlev Buck. It tells the story of a rather laid-back man (Kostja Ullmann) who meets a woman in a bar (Alli Neumann), motivated by the idea of ​​discovering new sensations. On a whim, she decides to offer him to spend a weekend together in the countryside, when they have only known each other for a few minutes (that will teach her to talk to strangers!). As they shared an intimate moment inside the van, the lovebirds heard a cry of alarm outside. Samuel then decided to go out and come to the aid of the one who was screaming, but he did not know that his fate was going to be mixed up with him … From now on, the detractors of Rudi are on their heels, and Edda finds herself alone in the forest. So, A Very Bad Plan on Netflix deserves- does it look? Here is our verdict.

Trailer VOSTFR of A Very Bad Plan – Credit (s) : Netflix See the article : The Boys season 3: could the Seven and Butcher's group team up?

Without wanting to make a bad pun, watch this comedy is not the best idea you might have. If the feature film quickly rose to the top of the most viewed content on the platform, it also left as quickly as it arrived. And for good reason, A very bad plan fails to grab the attention of the spectators because of gross errors. We feel that the director wanted to present many funny scenes, but did not manage to make everything coherent. Another major problem and certainly the most important: the characters are not sufficiently developed , which does not allow spectators to attach to them. The idea of ​​presenting rural protagonists living in a lost village in Germany was interesting, but apart from showing violent and stupid inhabitants, that's all we could remember from them. Between cartoonish characters, heavy jokes, a plan-plan and wobbly scenario and the lack of coherence, one tells you it: if you intended to watch this comedy, change plan. Certainly that Don't Look Up , a movie with Chris Evans, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence, also awaited on Netflix, will give us more sensations!

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