After Chapter 2: These five very sexy scenes between Tessa & amp; amp; Hardin are going to raise the temperature


After Chapter 2

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Melty reveals five very sexy scenes between Tessa & Hardin in After Chapter 2 that will raise the temperature in your home!

French fans of the love story between Tessa & Hardin, which we discover ready for a romantic evening on this unpublished photo of After , are forced to wait longer than those in other countries to discover chapter 2. Indeed, the rest of the erotic franchise will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime , but we don't know when! So to help you wait until the release of the sequel, melty gives you the five most sexy that you can see there. Warning, spoilers! The first occurs just after the bad boy kicked Trevor out of Tessa's hotel room (although nothing happened between them), and the two characters started arguing … Before sleeping together on the sofa! What to prepare for the second, when they share a bed together, promising to do nothing – we do not believe for a single moment.

Tessa & Hardin

Tessa & Hardin – Credit (s): SND To see also : The Wilds on Amazon Prime Video: What Really Happened on the Island? We explain the end.

Except that obviously, the alchemy is so intense between them that they do not take long to engage in hand games – naughty games – and to mutually masturbate under the duvet … In other words, the temperature rises a notch!

And right after a yoga session in which Tessa and Hardin keep teasing each other, the couple meet in the shower in the locker room of the gym. Laughing and having fun under the water jet, they give us a sex scene too hot than the vapor that escapes from their bodies. Re-belote a little later, when they start having sex on an office chair .

By confessing their feelings in the middle of the act, they make this naughty scene also romantic . On the other hand, even if their last part of legs in the air is just as caliente -it takes place during a university evening-, it nevertheless ends on a bitter note, since it ends with a crisis of jealousy. In short, despite their physical connection, they still have a long way to go before they are happy! Not as in these romantic comedies available on Amazon Prime and Netflix that will put love in your lives .

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