Alice in Borderland: Season 2 ordered by Netflix, the game continues



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Merry Christmas ! Netflix announces the renewal of Alice in Borderland for a season 2, the games will get tougher …

Alice in Borderland on Netflix tells the story of individuals stuck in a video game, forced to do the worst to survive. Upon its release, the Japanese series inspired by manga was a hit. The proof, it is still in the top of the most viewed content, more than a week after it was put online. If the cliffhanger necessarily left the door open for future episodes, Netflix was surely waiting to collect the opinions of subscribers to decide whether or not it ordered a second season. Well, good news, the suspense was only short lived because the platform comes from announce the preparation of a season 2! What to expect?

Arisu & Usagi managed to survive the ultimate test of The Beach, while learning more full details on the organizers of this game. Mira could be one of the masters of the game, but it is doubtful that she is the one who really has the cards in hand. Now that the remaining participants have collected all the numbers, they will now have to play for the figures (the valet, the queen, the king), what inevitably to expect at a higher level. If multiple indices seen in Alice in Borderland could tease a season 2 release in 2021 , Netflix is happy to say that the rest will be put online “soon”.