Amazon Prime, Netflix: Put some love in your lives with these romantic comedies available for streaming


Love, love and more love …

Days go by and all look the same when you are confined! Those who are alone at home inevitably find the time long between their four walls. See the article : What is the best free TV app? So to get away from it all without stepping outside, nothing beats a beautiful love story! That's good, Amazon Prime and Netflix offer romantic comedies perfect for fighting the gloom … We tend to forget, but there was a time not so far away where one could still dream of meeting a soul mate on the terrace of a cafe. To return to this blessed time without Covid – no mask, dive into our love selection below!

Amazon Prime



The streaming platform gives pride of place to romances! For fans of the handsome Jude Law, two options: comedy side, direction Irresistible Alfie , the story of a man who encounters amorous conquests. Drama side, direction Anna Karénine (paying), the tragic fate of a Russian aristocracy bullied by her husband. As for lovers of musicals, they will inevitably find their happiness thanks to the cult Mamma Mia! and Grease. And for those who love to see two characters face trials as funny as they are unlikely before being finally reunited, Love and other drugs , Jackpot and Mary at all costs are safe values! More of a fan of eroticism? Tessa & Hardin, the very sexy couple of After , will be back soon on Amazon Prime in Chapter 2



Fifty Shades of Gray – Credit (s): Focus Features To see also : The Simpsons fan-beloved character is actually a future psychopath, the proof.

For those who have a Netflix subscription, don't panic, the choice is also there! In the company of the bubbly and talented Julia Roberts , take off for London with Lightning in Notting Hill , a vintage romantic comedy with timeless charm. You are in a bad mood , and you want / need to know that you are not alone in feeling these emotions? Let yourself be embarked by Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in Happiness Therapy : a beautiful message of hope, coupled with a touching love story! Want more “ole-ole” content? That's good, the love stories caliente Fifty Shades of Gray and 4266579 365 DNI , one of the most popular Netflix movies in 768 , are also available. Make your choice !

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