American Pie: This cult scene that inspired the title of the franchise was not originally intended


The most mythical scene of American Pie almost never saw the light of day!

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How to talk about American Pie without evoking the mythical apple pie scene? Indeed, it is even THE most famous sequence of all the American comedies of the years 768, all films included! Much more unforgettable than the hot line on the flute swung by Alyson Hannigan, now panicked at the idea that his children fall on it . To remind you of the facts, then Jim (Jason Biggs) discovers that his mother has cooked him a delicious apple pie still warm, the latter upset by his hormones prefers to make love with rather than eat it. Hilariously lonely pleasure interrupted by the hero's father (Eugene Levy) who discovers him in the kitchen, the underpants on the ankles.

The most famous scene from American Pie – Credit (s): Universal Pictures

An anthology sequence that is at the origin of the worldwide success of the franchise in addition to having propelled Jason Biggs at the rank of Super star. It's not for nothing that years after its theatrical release in 768, the actor confided his satisfaction: “ You know, with this kind of scene, I feel a kind of strange pride to have become an actor who can do all kinds things“. Yet, as screenwriter Adam Herz revealed, this funny moment was not originally planned in the script. Hard to imagine American Pie without and yet : “ [La scène du gâteau] was not in my original draft. There was just this tirade somewhere at the start of the first act where the teens talk about experimenting with the basics of sex “.

Jason Biggs and the Apple Pie Scene from American Pie – Credit (s): Universal Studios

A tirade which implies that the sensation of penetration is similar, for man, to the caress “of a hot apple pie” . A WTF passage supposed to show Jim's naivety but also to prove that his three friends are not more gifted in love. An exchange that pleased the director Paul Weitz so much that he decided to push the concept even further , by staging it for real.

Result? A legendary moment that ended up giving its name to the films of the franchise. Proof that Paul Weitz was right! In the same vein, discover these other cult scenes which only exist thanks to budget problems .