Aquaman 2: a secret society to be introduced in the film soon?


Could a secret terrorist company land in Aquaman 2?

Yes Patrick Wilson aka Ocean Master will be back in Aquaman 2 , James Wan's movie could see a new group of supervillains arriving led by Black Manta. Introduced in the first film as Yahya Abdul-Mateen II , this character has benefited from a origin story interesting revealing the dangerousness of the character. However, the threat that Black Manta poses to Arthur Curry and his people could be further highlighted in Aquaman 2 thanks to the arrival of a secret society called, NEMO

. Acronym meaning, The Nautical Enforcement of Macrocosmic Order On the same subject : The Snowman on Netflix: Is the Mysterious Thriller Starring Michael Fassbender and Charlotte Gainsbourg Really Worth It? Our verdict. in its original version, this association functions as a secret organization aiming at world domination across the oceans.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta in Aquaman (768) – Credit (s): Warner Bros

His business mainly involves stealing Atlantean items such as weapons, armor and valuable relics, which 'she é changes and uses for its own battles. A job which corresponds particularly to the methods of Black Manta and which would allow the latter to obtain new resources .

The introduction of NEMO would also provide Black Manta with the perfect opportunity to prove just how He has grown talented since his loss in the first film as David Kane could assassinate the NEMO leader before taking his place, a script spring introduced in the original comics. The presence of this small group would also be an opportunity to introduce other antagonists in Aquaman 2 ,

King Shark seen in new footage of Suicide Squad 2 being a member of this secret society. It remains to be seen whether James Wan will choose to add this plot to his film. In any case, his presence could give our aquatic superhero a hard time!