Aquaman 2: Amber Heard (Mera) dismissed because of a new female character, who could it be?


Rumor has it that Amber Heard shares the poster with another actress in Aquaman 2. Now, which character could it be?

Last week we learned that Amber Heard could be replaced by a new Asian actress in Aquaman 2 . An astonishing rumor which could however represent an interesting compromise for the studios wishing to keep the character of Mera but not to put too much forward its interpreter after his trial against Johnny Depp . While it will be necessary to wait for more information about the sequel directed by James Wan, this speculation has sparked several reactions, with fans now wondering what more precisely this new role could represent alongside Jason Momoa and Amber Heard.

Amber Heard as Mera. – Credit (s): Warner Bros

Will it be a new character or taken from the universe of Aquaman? On the same subject : Riverdale season 5: Kevin's future, after the timejump, teased on an image. If it's a safe bet that the creative teams are inspired by heroines affiliated with the aquatic world of Arthur Curry, there is a persistent rumor that Dolphin will join the film soon. This would come as no surprise given the heroine's relationship with Aquaman in the original comics. Being the former lover of the famous Atlantean, Dolphin could make her comeback in the life of the superhero and thus represent a heroine capable of overshadowing Mera in Aquaman 2 . The arrival of this character in the next adventures of Arthur Curry could allow us to introduce an interesting love triangle

although there are rumors that Mera will marry Aquaman in the sequel as well.

Dolphin et Aquaman dans les comics DC.

Amber Heard dans la peau de Mera. Dolphin et Aquaman dans les comics DC.

Dolphin and Aquaman in DC comics. – Credit (s): DC Comics

If this scriptwriting spring should be the subject of a final sequence, their love could indeed be put to the test because of the return of Dolphin. However, it is hard to imagine James Wan emphasizing the relationship between Arthur and Mera. Indeed, knowing the paw of the director, the latter should focus more on portraying the challenges that the couple will have to face with the return of Black Manta. If Mera could then be a great ally for Aquaman, this role could be diminished by the presence of Dolphin, the heroine having always been alongside the Prince of the Seas in the comics. Thus, there are several ways to challenge Mera's place in James Wan's film. Whether it is her role of lover or that of faithful ally, the character of Amber Heard could indeed be sidelined by the arrival of Dolphin.

Arthur Curry et Mera.

Arthur Curry and Mera. – Credit (s): Warner Bros

That being said, however, we will have to wait for more information to know if Dolphin will make his debut in the DCEU. With the studios reportedly on the hunt for an Asian actress, it's also possible that the creative teams are moving towards an original character, able to compete with Mera alongside Aquaman. This would be an opportunity to instill surprise and introduce a unique character in the next adventures of Arthur Curry while another possibility would have the character of Amber Heard be sidelined by the role of the antagonist. By placing a recognized actress with weight in Hollywood, the production would certainly succeed in eclipsing the interpreter of Mera. However, it remains to be seen if Aquaman 2 will see an enemy appear against Arthur Curry, several information having further teased the arrival of NEMO as well as the return of Black Manta.

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