Aquaman 2: Amber Heard's reshoots for the Justice League Snyder Cut completed, what impact for Mera in the sequel?


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While Amber Heard confessed to completing the Justice League Snyder Cut reshoots, could they have an impact? on Aquaman 2?

No offense to fans and Johnny Depp who tried to replace her, Amber Heard will indeed be in Aquaman 2 . The opportunity for the interpreter of Mera to obtain a more important place in the next adventures of Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa). However before that, the actress will appear in the Snyder Cut of Justice League , the latter having also revealed to have completed the reshoots and confided her excitement to the approach next year, of the release of the mini DCEU series on HBO Max. It must be said that the wait around the project of Zack Snyder has continued to arouse the curiosity of many fans, Aquaman fans can expect the preponderance of the guns of the universe within the Snyder Cut. Indeed, the reshoots appear interesting vis-à-vis the world of the Atlanteans and more particularly vis- with respect to the character of Mera, the latter having only had the right to a brief appearance in the first version.

Aquaman 2 , especially since the director announced a change of tone that could be part of the spirit of the Snyder Cut. Beside that, Amber Heard's reshoots could also concern the addition of a scene between Mera and Arthur Curry, the sequence can then teach us more about the relationship that will be developed in Aquaman 2 in between characters. That being said, it is therefore certain that the Snyder Cut will offer a more prominent place for the superheroine, a role which should initiate an unheard of apprehension in the James Wan film and ultimately register Mera as an important character in the DCEU.