Aquaman 2: Movie release postponed because of Amber Heard?


Aquaman 2

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Could the controversy surrounding Amber Heard's trial against Johnny Deep impact the release of Aquaman 2? The reason for this shift could actually be quite different.

Currently at the heart of the controversy after his trial against Johnny Depp favored the dismissal of the actor from Fantastic Beasts 3 , Amber Heard is expected soon on the set of Aquaman 2 . Having recently confirmed his involvement alongside Jason Momoa in the Following the adventures of Arthur Curry, the actress will therefore be back in Mera's skin. A comeback following which fans did not hesitate to share their skepticism, the legal battle between the two stars could have a serious impact on the film's release and favor its postponement. However, Amber Heard's involvement with the feature film – for now expected in December 2021 – is not the main reason that can result in its output being delayed.

Mera (Amber Heard) and Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) in Aquaman. – Credit (s): Warner Bros

AT Assuming the controversy dies down, the actress' legal twists and turns shouldn't cause more trouble for the production. This is not the case with the second part of Avatar directed by James Cameron. Originally planned for Christmas 2021, the coronavirus epidemic has prompted production to postpone the release of this cinematic juggernaut for a year, its launch now coinciding with Aquaman 2 . Given the wait around the film and the competition it could represent vis-à-vis the aquatic staging, it would indeed not be surprising that the studios prefer to postpone the release of the next adventures by a few months. Arthur Curry. Several footage from the set teasing the impressive abilities of the entire cast of Avatar 2 underwater, the continuation of Aquaman cannot therefore simply rely on its uniqueness vis-à-vis the universe under – DC superhero sailor. In addition, the first part having less marked the spirits than the Pharaonic project of James Cameron released in 100, production would therefore have everything to gain by postponing the release of ' Aquaman 2 . The opportunity may be to refine the scenario and to think about the singularity of the adaptation,

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