Aquaman 2: Vulko, Black Manta, Mera … These characters that we absolutely want to find in the sequel


If Aquaman 2 is making the headlines because of Amber Heard (Mera) 's lawsuit with her ex-husband, this DCEU film deserves to be talked about for its success! Here are all the characters we would like to see in the sequel.

When it was released in 2018, Aquaman a has the effect of a tidal wave! If no one expected such success, the DCEU film was unanimous among fans. While its second installment is still in the works, Aquaman 2 is currently making the headlines due to the trial of Amber Heard (Mera's interpreter) with his ex-husband. Since Warner's decision to remove Johnny Depp from Fantastic Beasts 3 , fans have been mobilizing for the actress to suffer the same fate in Aquaman 2 , but it is hard to see the studios firing Amber Heard only to please the public . Shouldn't movie fans remember why they love the DCEU opus, regardless of the personal affairs of its actors? It would be a very good thing, here is for the occasion the list of the characters that we absolutely want to find in Aquaman 2 !


Willem Dafoe will it become the new face of superhero antagonists? After playing the excellent Green Goblin in Sam Raimi's Read also : Iron Man 2: why Scarlett Johansson didn't want Black Widow to take place after this movie. Spider-Man trilogy, the actor once again lent his features to comic book characters, choosing this time Vulko. As Orm's right-hand man, the latter has proven he can be manipulative, clever and loyal to his boss. We hope he will come back in Aquaman 2 to avenge Orm from Arthur Curry, who knows, he may be – to be the one who will raise the leaders of the altogether cities against him!


That the trial story with the actress and her ex-partner touches you in one way or another, we can't say that her portrayal of Mera is bad! Amber Heard embodies the character to perfection, although her treatment would deserve to be deepened in Aquaman 2 . We would like to see Mera in a role a little more important than that of the companion of the King of Atlantis, the comics do not lack intrigue on this subject . Hopefully more effort will be put into building his character!

Black Manta

Black Manta certainly got us all in agreement: As a secondary villain, he almost stole the show from Orm! Whether it is his plot, his personality traits or his costume (extremely faithful to that of the comics), this villain of Aquaman totally convinced the fans . This is the reason why we would like to see him continue to sow discord in the continuation of the adventures of Arthur Curry, especially now that he is the official Sovereign of Atlantis.


Atlanna – Credit (s): DC / Warner

We suspect that Atlanna's return is hardly possible, especially because of Nicole Kidman's busy schedule. Yet even though his role was short, it was important to lay the groundwork for Arthur Curry's past (Jason Momoa) . As a bonus, when we saw the Queen fight, we understood why and how Aquaman was such a good soldier! Maybe she could come back and give him some advice when Arthur struggles with his new status . Without it, Arthur could become like Killmonger (Black Panther) in Aquaman 2.

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