Arrow: Why are there so many versions of Black Canary in the Arrowverse?


Arrow is renowned for its many superheroes and the writers have chosen to create multiple versions of Black Canary!

The Arrowverse is known to have multiple iterations of some DC Comics heroes , but when it comes to the Black Canary, it's on a whole new level. In the comics, Dinah Laurel Lance, who is the most famous of the Black Canaries, took on the role of her mother, Dinah Drake-Lance. In the series, it is a completely different scenario that we had found. Arrow introduced Laurel as a non-metahuman who worked as a lawyer and had a long-standing relationship with Oliver, before he disappeared with his sister … Sara. It is also Sara who ended up launching the line of the Canaries before her death in season 3 of Arrow . While this was meant to help Laurel find her fate as Black Canary, it complicated things …

Le lancement des Black Canaries !

The launch of the Black Canaries! – Credit (s): The CW

Laurel's arc as Black Canary started in Season 3

of Arrow , when she decided to follow in her sister's footsteps after her horrific murder. Even though Arrow didn't want to follow the mythology and Green Arrow ended up with two Black Canaries, at least Laurel seemed to be destined to be there. one of the main heroes. But that changed in season 4 as Laurel was shockingly killed, which has become one of the show's most controversial moments. This horrific decision led writers to take inspiration from The Flash to control damage while Katie Cassidy lent her features a version of Laurel from Earth-2, functioning as the evil Black Siren.

They have taken over! – Credit (s): The CW

However, signs that the creators still had no plans for Black Canary were also highlighted in Arrow season 5 when Juliana Harkavy was cast. for the role of Dinah Drake … She was brought in to succeed Laurel from Earth-1 as the new Black Canary, while later sharing the heroic title with Earth's Laurel -2 in 4287650 seasons 7 and 8 Arrow. So the writers decided to move away from comic book mythology to create their own vision of Black Canary. If they did seem a bit lost along the way, looking at the whole thing, it's pretty compelling. Finally, many women of power have succeeded in this role of superheroines and it was rather well received by the fans! Moreover, they all had a link with that of the comics …