Arrowverse: David Ramsey (Arrow) ready to don the Green Lantern costume?


After the announcement that David Ramsey will make his comeback in the Arrowverse, a question burns our lips. Will he finally put on the Green Lantern costume?

From the moment John Diggle fired a shiny green box from the crashed meteor in the Series Finale from Arrow , we knew that this story would leave the door open to endless possibilities … By the way, John Diggle will be making his comeback in the Arrowverse. As announced Deadline , Ramsey is expected to make five episodes of the DC Comics series, including episodes from the first season of Superman and Lois and the final season of Supergirl … He will return to the plot as John Diggle in Superman et Lois, The Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman as well as Legends of Tomorrow but a surprise is to be expected … Davi d Will Ramsey finally don the Green Lantern costume?

Diggle, the future Green Lantern? – Credit (s): The CW

The fans are in turmoil after this announcement which suggests great hopes! The actor of Arrow will also have a mysterious role in Season 6 of Legends of Tomorrow. It's that appearance more than anything else that thrills fans and could herald that we will finally see John join the Green Lantern Corps. For many years, Arrow fans have believed that Diggle will become Green Lantern in the Arrowverse.

The creators of the series themselves have fed these rumors a lot, ranging from the appointment of the grandfather from Diggle “Stewart” , in reference to the comics, to the fact that The Flash of Earth – 20 look at Diggle and ask “John? Where's your ring?” . All these clues could therefore announce good news and it would warm the heart


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