Atomic Blonde, Wanted, Colombiana … If you liked Ava on Netflix then these movies are for you


While Ava maintains her position in the Netflix Top 5, the catalog is full of heroines just as badass as the character of Jessica Chastain. Here is our selection.

On December 1, Ava , a thriller in which Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty) embodies a fiercer slayer than John Wick . The opportunity to find the American actress in an unprecedented register although many actresses have preceded her in this genre. Because if the action-movie was once the preserve of male performers, a trend has since emerged several years to give pride of place to badass heroines. Although Angelina Jolie was certainly the leading figure in this movement with Wanted or Salt , Charlize Theron or Zoe Saldana have nothing to envy him, the proof with this selection of films currently available on Netflix including the feature film Ava seems to be the worthy heir.


Angelina Jolie in Wanted and Salt. On the same subject : Game of Thrones: 3 things about Jon Snow you absolutely should know. – Credit (s): Universal Pictures / Columbia Pictures

If the American actress had previously lent her features to the dreaded Lara Croft , Angelina Jolie subsequently chose to stay in a similar register for Wanted: Choose your Destiny (2008) then two years later with Salt . Embodying in turn, Fox an elite slayer then a CIA agent, the actress who will soon slip into the skin of Eternal Athena for the MCU, has knew how to offer formidable and strong characters, wielding weapons like no one else. A style and abilities that echo the character and techniques of Ava and which could explain why the film still today with

Jessica Chastain ranks fourth in the Top Netflix …


Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde and The Old Guard. – Credit (s): Universal Pictures / Netflix

If Angelina Jolie is one of the pioneers of spy thrillers and others action-movie , Charlize Theron can claim to have democratized the genre and offered unique adaptations featuring original female and badass characters. Particularly feminist, Atomic Blonde and The Old Guard currently available on Netflix, saw their main interpreter slip into the skin of a British spy charged with investigating in the heart of a Berlin in the middle of the Cold War then that of an Immortal who, like a mercenary, has been protecting ever since centuries humanity . If these heroines at first glance have little in common, it is clear that they know how to defend themselves and can sometimes be marked with a certain vulnerability. A spring also used in Ava, when the character has to confront his mother, Michael or to face his drinking problem.


Zoe Saldana in Colombiana. – Credit (s): EuropaCorp Distribution

Like Ava, Cataleya wields the art of disguise like no one else. Having witnessed the murder of her parents when she was a child, the young woman is now determined to take revenge. On the same subject : Technically these movies are not Christmas movies, but we watch what we want. Using her talents as a hired killer, the character of Zoe Saldana will not be afraid of anything in this thriller whose screenplay is by Luc Besson. An adventure that will certainly also recall one of the iconic heroines of the filmography of the French filmmaker, Nikita . Here, Cataleya's vengeful force will most certainly recall Ava's stubborn character but will also be the symbol of a fragile femininity, an element that ultimately seems specific to this cinematographic genre.


Cristine Reyes dans Maria. Angelina Jolie dans Wanted et Salt. Cristine Reyes dans Maria.

Cristine Reyes in Maria. – Credit (s): Netflix

Certainly the least known on the list but available on Netflix! Maria tells the story of a former hired killer forced to return to service after a gang began to attack her. A thriller that will use the codes of the genre and register the heroine in a trend similar to those previously mentioned. However, the scenario less well built and ultra-violence galore will testify to the clichés suffered by this cinematographic genre. A common point that Maria will share with Ava, although the first has a side more trashy and sometimes goes beyond what her sisters have previously shown. Hopefully then Ava with Jessica Chastain will not fall for this and will be able to offer us all the things we would like to see!

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