Ava 2 on Netflix: 3 things we'd love to see in the potential sequel with Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty)


If Netflix decides to offer a sequel to Ava with Jessica Chastain, here are the three intrigues that we would like to discover in the second part.

Still number one of the most watched programs on Netflix, Ava tells the The story of a killer more ferocious than John Wick. If the action film struggles to take all viewers with it, many subscribers expect to discover a sequel with Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty) . In view of the conclusion, the story could stop there as well as continue but it must be admitted that a second part would correct the errors of the first. As a bonus, several plots can be developed, enough to make the action twice as intense in Ava 2 . While waiting to know the decision of Netflix about the renewal, here are three scenarios that we would like to see in the sequel.

Ava is recovering with Michael

Prior to joining a contract killer, Ava had almost a “normal” life. She lived alongside Michael, whom she was supposed to marry, but Ava felt so overwhelmed by her problems that she decided to run away. See the article : Alice in Borderland: Season 2 ordered by Netflix, the game continues. Today, Michael is in a relationship with his sister, and Ava is about to leave them once again. Distraught, she wanted to run away with Michael and leave everything behind, but she resigned herself once he confessed to her expecting a child with her sister. Even if it's sad for the latter, Michael and Ava deserve to be together: they look alike and live for the same things . If our former soldier is brought to be in danger in Ava 2 , maybe Michael could lend him a hand, even if it means getting dangerously close to his ex girlfriend.

Ava will be stalked by her enemy's daughter

Ava – Credit (s): Netflix This may interest you : Spider-Man 3: How Can Symbiotes Fit Into The Plot?

If Ava intends to flee Boston as quickly as possible, the daughter of the new head of the killer agency is in pursuit. Now that Ava has murdered her father, she is sure to take over. What to expect in an all-female war in Ava 2 , even if the new recruit doesn't is not shown to be as charismatic as Ava . The first part certainly did not sufficiently develop the secondary characters, which is the reason why it is difficult to imagine one of the protagonists being at his height.

Ava launches its own organization
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