Ava on Netflix: Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty) is a more ferocious killer than John Wick, our reviewer


What is Ava worth, the Netflix movie starring Jessica Chastain and John Malkovich?

Jessica Chastain ( Zero Dark Thirty ), John Malkovich ( Bird Box ), Colin Farrell ( The Batman ), Diana Silvers ( Space Force ) … The cast of On the same subject : Shailene Woodley, Felicity Jones and Callum Turner in The Last Letter of Her Lover's First Photos. Ava , the new thriller made in Netflix, is enticing, but is it enough to make this movie a good movie ? This is what we will see below! Number 1 of the most viewed programs on the streaming platform in France, this drama carried by the star of Interstellar and Des hommes sans law is carried out drum beating. The actress, used to working on the screen in rather violent male universes, here embodies a hired killer. Alas, to the chagrin of her boss, she shows an “unhealthy” curiosity towards her victims, whom she cannot help asking if they know why she has to kill them. Which earned him to be in his employer's sights!

Ava – Credit (s): Netflix

This former soldier in the army has a heavy history of drug addiction and alcoholic, drags terrible family pots, and bitterly regrets having left without warning the man she was going to marry . In short, his life is far from being a long quiet river! After a routine mission that turns out to be a trap set by the company that employs her, she decides to return home to Boston to reconnect with her sister and her mother, whom she has not seen for a long time. . But although her boss is watching over her, a senior member of the killer agency to which she belongs launches other assassins after her. Ava must then counter-attack and protect her loved ones, otherwise she will lose everything!

Ava – Credit (s): Netflix

In the vein of Atomic Blonde and Red Sparrow , Ava is the story of a cold killer but with an underlying sensibility, carried by a charismatic and talented actress. However, the character of Jessica Chastain is less convincing than those of her predecessors,

Charlize Theron
and Jennifer Lawrence. Her female version of John Wick is stuck in a sometimes annoying in-between. The heroine wants to be mutic and determined, but she is too emotional. While his relationship problems with his hierarchy and his family are compelling, his reactions lack depth and quickly become repetitive. Alternating between monolithic expression and tears, the actress leaves us a little confused about the true nature of Ava.

Ava – Credit (s): Netflix

Nevertheless, the action scenes live up to our expectations for this type of film! Jessica Chastain does the job, swinging kicks and punches like she's been fighting her whole life. His muscular figure magnetizes the gaze, when it is not his face with fine features and his large polar blue eyes that fill the screen. The actress confirms with this role badass that she is a sure bet in action cinema! As for the secondary characters, they would have deserved to be further developed. We think in particular of the daughter of the boss of the company for which Ava works, who suffers from a lack of recognition from her father, as well as the boss of the heroine, a surrogate father to whom she is very close. But in 1 hour , it's complicated!

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