Avengers Endgame: A pivotal film for Ant-Man's role in the next Phases of the MCU?


While Avengers Endgame will have a significant influence on the next Phases of the MCU, it is certain that the Russo Brothers film has most certainly had an impact on the Ant-Man story arc as well. .

Avengers: Endgame has become a real phenomenon . If several scenes have marked fans of the Marvel universe, such as the sacrifice of Iron Man or the uprising of Mjolnir by Captain America, the Russo brothers' film will also have brought more weight to the apprehension of certain characters. This is particularly the case of Scott Lang embodied by Paul Rudd . Usually, Ant-Man is seen as a secondary character. However, his role in Endgame allowed to discover a new facet of the character by making the latter in particular the instigator of the time travel which will allow the Marvel superheroes to recover the Infinity Stones.

Scott Lang in Avengers: Endgame. This may interest you : Harry Potter: Offering a sequel to the cult saga, good or bad idea? – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

If the MCU is used to comparing Tony Stark, Bruce Banner or Shuri to each other, Scott Lang could also register as one of the geniuses of the Marvel universe, his knowledge of the Quantum Realm acquired alongside Hank Pym having made the superhero a great ally for the Avengers. This quality could also offer it a prominent place in the next Phases, where the previous solo films on ant-man or Civil War had tended to place him away from the Avengers. Given the plans of the House of Ideas vis-à-vis Ant-Man 3 , the film appears to be one of the most decisive, the rumored to be introducing one of the MCU's biggest threats, namely Kang the Conqueror. A new clue that suggests Marvel Studios are planning a bigger role for Ant-Man vis-à-vis the other adaptations.

This quality was favored by its place in Endgame , the return of Scott Lang having notably allowed the Avengers to find a solution to cancel the snap of Thanos. A real trigger, it would not be surprising if the creative teams offer Ant-Man a similar apprehension in the next Phases. For example, including a formidable supervillain in his future solo adventures will most certainly make the superhero a prominent character in the MCU. While making her look more serious and decisive about the dangers endangering humanity, her role could also gain momentum in relation to the arrival of the Young Avengers via her daughter, Cassie. 4282282 If rumor has it that the third part of Ant- Man introduces this new team , this will most certainly result in making the universe around Scott Lang, a pillar of the MCU. What to move away from the too light image conveyed by the first shutters, to make an Avenger on whom the Marvel superheroes can count in the future!

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