Avengers Endgame: Has the end of the movie already set up future Phase 4 villains for Thor and Loki?


The Avengers Endgame cliffhanger revealed some clues about the introduction of the villains facing Thor and Loki in Phase 4.

If everything ended relatively well at the end of 'Avengers Endgame – even if one inevitably deplores the death of Iron Man – it is certain that the last trips in time will not be devoid of consequences. Indeed, as the Ancient One predicted to the Hulk, wandering the Infinity Stones all over the timelines and moving around the Quantum Realm risked creating alternate realities. And that was not lacking, we had proof of it with Loki when he stole the Tesseract, sending him to a desert place after Avengers: Endgame . This is one of the intrigues that allowed us to understand who was going to face the God of Malice in the Phase 4 of the MCU .


Thor – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

Since the villainous Loki is playing with realities, he was certain that the Time Variance Authority was going to have him in the crosshairs. And the trailer for Loki recently unveiled has just confirmed it, the God of Malice being already captured by the VAT. If the members of the organization – responsible for keeping the timelines running smoothly – are not portrayed as good or bad in the comics, it is certain that they will be Loki's main antagonists in the series expected on Disney . As for Thor, the events of Endgame have also set up their future enemies. The God of Thunder has abandoned his own, he sank into depression not wanting to be a hero anymore, he left the Avengers to join the Guardians of the Galaxy team … So many arguments that remind

Gorr the Slayer of Gods, confirmed in Thor 4 , how cowardly and incapable divine beings are!

Avengers Endgame

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