Avengers Endgame: Where is Smart Hulk at the end of the movie?


Still a hero or rather a science teacher? After the events of Avengers Endgame, Prof Hulk may have chosen to follow a different path.

While her cousin Jennifer Walters will soon land on Disney thanks to the series She-Hulk , the fate of Smart Hulk in the MCU is still uncertain. Major asset of the Avengers by his genius and his strength, Bruce Banner alias the Hulk has so far been one of the flagship members of the group. Could he nevertheless have ended his career as a defender of the Earth after the events of Avengers Endgame ? We could see it in the blockbuster, the scientist knew how to merge with his double still very angry. To the point where he even built himself a little notoriety. After facing Thanos, he might want to continue down this path. This is how some

Marvel fans have hypothesized that Smart Hulk could become a Youtube star, thanks to popular science videos.

Smart Hulk dons the Infinity Gauntlet in Avengers Endgame – Credit (s): Marvel Studios, Disney

The idea is as good as it gets, even if it's hard to imagine the character put the gloves in the closet for good. In fact, some concept art shows him wearing a superhero outfit, and it was also said that he continued to defend the innocent after the snap. The fact that he did not hesitate to put on the Infinity Gauntlet also proved that this desire to 'helping the universe will probably not leave it. It goes without saying that the events of Avengers Endgame , and in particular the death of Black Widow, must have disturbed him. We imagine, however, that after taking a little time to study his options, he could choose to be both a popularizer of science to a fairly young audience, and remain an active member of the remaining Avengers. Who knows ? Maybe after Smart Hulk and She-Hulk, another version of Hulk could appear in Phase 4 of the MCU .

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