Avengers Endgame: Why did Fat Thor think he was unworthy of Mjolnir?


Find out why our beloved Fat Thor no longer believed in his ability to lift Mjolnir in Avengers Endgame.

In Avengers Endgame , we got to know Fat Thor, a belittled and sad version of the God of Thunder. When the superhero travels through time and meets his mother Frigga – who helps him remember who he really is – Thor summons Mjolnir and his legendary hammer comes into his hand . It was then that he exclaims with relief “I am still worthy of Mjolnir!” . A line that claims that the superhero no longer felt capable of anything at all since his failure with Thanos. To punish himself, the God of Thunder has let himself go adrift, abusing fast food, and increasing his alcohol consumption. According to him, his physique and his attitude are representative of his abilities, which is why Thor was convinced that he was neither worthy nor strong when he was only “Fat Thor”.

In reality , it's even more complex than that. To see also : Back to the Future: Michael J. Fox replaced another actor as Marty during filming, that's why.

Fat Thor – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

Despite his failures, Thor's dignity to Mjolnir was never understood despite what the superhero might think. This way of thinking explains all the same the psychic link between the hammer and its wearer: “There is a psychic connection or telekinetic through those weapons that amplify Thor's abilities. Perhaps that's why Thor has said on more than one occasion that if either of us wields Mjolnir, there is a chance that even holding the weapon would crumble our minds into madness. The psychic effects of the weapon on a mere mortal could be catastrophic “. When Thor fails to stop Thanos and his devastating snap, he feels shabby; this is the reason why he lets himself wither in Endgame , as if his unsightly body was a reflection of his failure. We don't want him to use the Infinity Gauntlet due to his mental weakness as Thor's confidence in himself depends on the feats he has been able to accomplish. Unfortunately, this is only a post-traumatic stress disorder here, the God of Thunder would still be too powerful if he wanted to hear it, admit it and especially believe it

. We hope to find him in better shape than ever in Thor 4 alongside Jane Foster, a heroine who could have been reintroduced in Avengers Endgame with this plot.

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