Avengers Endgame: Why does Carol Danvers have short hair in the movie?


Why did Captain Marvel look different during his time in Avengers Endgame? The answer is in the comics!

If some fans are surprised that Iron Man was able to predict the arrival of Kang the Conqueror in Avengers Endgame , d other viewers still haven't recovered from Captain Marvel's haircut in the movie. When we discovered Carol Danvers in the MCU , she was perfectly made up, with shoulder-length hair, wearing a tight red and blue uniform. Fans were thrilled until the moment she suddenly walked in with a pixie cut in the last part of Endgame , a new look strongly disturbing his admirers. So why has Captain Marvel's style changed so drastically?

Captain Marvel – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

Actually, Victoria Alonso – the Executive Vice President of Production at Marvel Studios – decided to present a Boyish Captain Marvel to offer fans a more faithful representation of the character

! Those who read the comics know it: When Carol Danvers agreed to officially become Captain Marvel – after she suffered an explosion, making her a human-Kree hybrid – she created a new physical identity for herself. At the time, fans totally approved of the heroine's look, and this portrayal of Carol Danvers is one that stuck throughout the character's adventures. If Captain Marvel has this haircut in the comics,

his style change in Avengers Endgame still created discord among fans.

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