Avengers Endgame: Will the invention of time travel be destroyed by superheroes?


The Avengers could destroy Tony Stark's invention for the good of all!

The “machine” at time traveling, whose rules may have changed after Avengers Endgame , will it be destroyed by the superheroes? When Scott Lang left the Quantum Realm, he immediately went to HQ to warn his colleagues of his discovery: there is a place where time and space obey different laws. It was at this point that the idea of ​​committing a “time heist” to recover the Infinity Stones and cancel Thanos' “snap” was born in the minds of the characters. However, it takes a real genius to put it into practice! And who fits that description more than Tony Stark? Small problem, this one went into exile in the countryside with his wife and his daughter, and does not want to hear about it …

Hulk and Captain America – Credit (s): Marvel Studios On the same subject : Director of the film "The world is not enough", Michael Apted has passed away.

In the end, out of curiosity , he tries to develop this invention, and succeeds, thanks to the Möbius band method. However, in order for her not to fall into the wrong hands, her colleagues may destroy her in the future of the MCU. As you know, Tony Stark ( Robert Downey Jr. ) passed away at the end of Avengers Endgame. This means that if the superheroes make the travel machine disappear and erase the blueprints, no one will be able to build another! But, you will tell us, why would the characters want to do that? For two reasons: the first is that we doubt that the government will let the team keep this invention in the private circle.

This would be the right time for the Sokovia Accords, supposed to regulate and frame the Avengers, to return to the foreground. Thanks to these official documents, the United Nations could demand superheroes to hand them the invention of time travel. We cannot imagine them accepting, which means that they would prefer to destroy it! Granted, that would be heartbreaking, but at least she wouldn't land in the wrong hands … Speaking of wrong hands, here's the other reason that would justify the demolition of Tony Stark's creation: the fact that a bad guy grabs it, and tries to misuse it. What do you think ? This would contribute to 4266129 undermining Iron Man's reputation during Phase 4 of the MCU!

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