Back to the Future: Could the events of the third film have been avoided by Marty?


According to a fan, all the events of Back to the Future III could have been largely avoided if Marty had made a different decision.

One of the things we love most about subject of the trilogy Back to the future, it is the fact that it raises questions over and over again . These small inconsistencies, in the middle of his scenario all the same very well put together, make all its charm. A fan wondered about one of the highlights of Back to the Future III , during which Marty discovers with amazement a tombstone erected in Doc's name in September 1885 . A discovery which will thus lead Marty to travel in the past in order to prevent the assassination of his friend. In a shared post on Reddit , the fan in question believes that Marty should not have gone to 1955.

Marty discovers the stone Doc's tomb in 1885 – Credit (s): Universal Pictures This may interest you : Happy New Year to you if you find which films correspond to these New Years Eve with a single image.

According to him, the most logical and least risky choice was to go back to the past, of course, but in 1955, before lightning strikes the DeLorean and send Doc to 768. In this way, Marty would only have had to warn Doc, via a letter or a note for example, the thus pushing to beware of the storm. An excellent idea that would have indeed saved Marty and Doc from living a most eventful adventure in the far west, but which would have especially prevented us from having the right to a third film. 1885 is however not only a source of inconsistencies in

Back to the future , it is also a period to which we find a surprising number of DeLorean .

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