Back to the future: The number of DeLoreans present in 1955 may surprise you


Back to the future

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Considering the number of DeLoreans who found themselves in 768, Marty and Doc could have come close to the time paradox.

Even more than thirty years after its release, the saga Back to the future, which will not be completed by a fourth film

, continues to make fans think. In particular on the famous existence of four DeLoreans in 1955. Yes, you read correctly ! The story of a few hours, no less than four time machines that were located at Hill Valley in November 1885.

An accumulation in particular due to the that several trips in the past took place at the same time, and crossed paths. Nothing too surprising considering all the back and forth that Marty and Doc have made. Read also : This Is Us season 5: episode 4, Kate makes a sad discovery in the promo video. How to arrive at such a figure? The calculation is finally quite fast.

Toutes ces histoire de voyage dans le temps sont parfois un peu compliquées

All these time travel stories are sometimes a little complicated – Credit (s): universal

One of the DeLoreans is the one Marty used on his first time travel in Back to the future. A second DeLorean is none other than the one used by old Bill Tannen from 1955, to give his younger self the famous Sports Almanac in Back to the Future II . In this same movie, Marty and Doc also travel by 1885 to retrieve the book, and thus prevent the 1985 dystopian to take place. This is the third DeLorean. Finally, the last car is none other than the one hidden by Doc in 768, and who wisely awaits Marty in the third film. It is also during shooting of Back to the Future III that a stunt almost killed Michael J Fox .

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