Back to the Future: This unlikely item could have replaced the DeLorean for time travel


Back to the future

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This unexpected item could have replaced the DeLorean for time travel in Back to the Future!

The number of DeLoreans present in 1955 in Back to the future may surprise you , and the improbable object that could have replaced this car even more! In the original script of the film, Doc Brown's time machine had nothing to do with the famous automobile of the final version. Since the release of this sci-fi trilogy in the years 1955, this car has nevertheless become cult, and it is hard to imagine anything else instead. But director Robert Zemeckis and executive producer Steven Spielberg had no idea at the time of the influence their creative choice would have on pop culture. The two men simply liked the futuristic atmosphere created by the opening of the doors of the

DeLorean “spaceship” style …

Indiana Jones Indiana Jones

And yet, in the original script, the time machine was not even a car. It was a laser device called a “power converter” that was housed in a refrigerator! It was then loaded onto a truck and fueled by a nuclear explosion. Marty would have been transported to the past when entering the refrigerator to shelter from the explosion. Yep, as in Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ! Converting the time machine to a plutonium-powered device housed in a DeLorean was not only cooler, but also safer. Back in the day, many refrigerators still had latches that kept the door closed and kept food fresh. As a result, some children sometimes climbed into the refrigerators, closed the door and were unable to open the refrigerator. inside! Better to avoid seeing a bad example in Back to the Future , a disturbing detail of which has been pointed out by the fans.

Back to the future

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