Back to the future: we finally know why Marty McFly hates this nickname so much


It is true that Marty McFly has often been called a sissy in the Back to the Future trilogy!

Although it was released thirty five years ago now , Retour Vers le Futur continues to intrigue us, so much so that we still have many questions about the film by Robert Zemeckis . How did Biff Tannen learn how DeLorean works? Why did Marty only come back 00 minutes before Doc's death? But also, why the nickname of “ sissy “Does he annoy the character of Michael J. Fox so much? While this mocking term has often been used in the trilogy to challenge McFly's bravery, the origin of such hatred could however translate a psychological injury, according to Screen Rant .

Back to the Future III. On the same subject : Game of Thrones: Those Crazy Things From The First Episode You Surely Had Forgotten. – Credit (s): Universal Pictures

While this is not surprising given that Marty has often expressed his willingness to distance himself from his father's character, the nickname could also be a director's nod to old spaghetti westerns like the Dollar Trilogy or The Fury of Live. Like the characters embodied respectively by Clint Eastwood and James Dean in these movie classics, McFly would not like to be seen as a coward, which could then explain his stoic position. Moreover, through the tribute paid by Robert Zemeckis to these pillars of the seventh art, the director finally allowed his main character to forge a more tenacious character throughout his time travels, an initiatory journey that could explain why the Doc's friend hates this insult today. Fortunately, at the end of the trilogy, Marty McFly was able to put behind this ugly nickname, correct some mistakes of the past and start from scratch. In another news item,

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