Batman Begins: This bizarre incident happened on the set of the movie


Batman Begins

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Batman Begins : Cet incident pour le moins étrange s'est produit sur le tournage du film Batman Begins : Cet incident pour le moins étrange s'est produit sur le tournage du film

An accident involving the Batmobile took place on the set of Batman Begins and the outcome is rather astonishing!

Will The Batman, whose filming was grueling for Robert Pattinson , manage to surpass the Christopher Nolan trilogy, which started with Batman Begins in 2005? Robert Pattinson looks pretty convincing in the skin of the Dark Knight and the universe in which he evolves seems a lot more gothic than the vibe way Blade Runner of Christopher Nolan . In any case, one thing is certain, we can not wait to discover this new adaptation and especially to see the Batmobile in action. With a little luck, the latter will not meet the same fate as the Batmobile in Batman Begins . While she was out to ride in the streets of New York on the set of the film, she suffered a small accident which slightly damaged her. Slightly, because it was still the Batmobile and above all, because it looked more like a tank than a real racing car.

The Batmobile in Batman Begins – Credit (s): Warner Bros

Actually, to a drunk driver, she even looked more like an alien ship. Yes, you read correctly. A guy who was driving drunk panicked when he passed the Batmobile from Christopher Nolan's movie while filming a scene, believing it to be an alien vehicle arriving on Earth

. He freaked out so much, by the way, that he lost control of his car and rushed into the Batmobile before running away as quickly as possible. He ended up being caught up and confessed to this incredible story. It must be said that the look of Batman's vehicle surprised many at the time! With its more modern design, the Batmobile of The Batman blends more into the landscape. In the same genre, discover at What Gotham and the Batcave look like from The Batman and the clues it gives us about the movie's plot.

Batman Begins

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