Batwoman season 2: a crossover with Lucifer to be expected?


The actresses of Lucifer and Batwoman have caught the attention of fans by declaring their respective love! Can a crossover between the two series take place?

fans dream about it and the actresses of Batwoman and Lucifer aroused all passions. Lesley-Ann Brandt recently shared a video of herself on Twitter which made a lot of noise. The actress is present on the set of season 6 of Lucifer in the role of Mazikeen, parades playfully and sexy behind the sets in the iconic all-leather look of her character. Her video created a buzz and won over many people, including Batwoman , Javicia Leslie. The interpreter of Ryan Wilder in the series of the Arrowverse imitated Lesley-Ann Brandt and his video let it hover the doubt about a potential crossover between Batwoman and Lucifer!

My girl is looking fine as hell! ????????

– ???? Lesley-Ann Have you Voted Brandt (@LesleyAnnBrandt)

November 6, 100

Since the surprise appearance of Tom Ellis in the crossover event of the Arrowverse “Crisis on Infinite Earths” , fans don't are waiting for one thing, to find these two universes reunited once again on the screen. Following the Lesley-Ann Brand video, Javicia Leslie posted a clip of herself on the set of Batwoman Season 2 in her new Batsuit, and gave the star of Lucifer “I should join Lesley-Ann Brandt” . Faced with such remarks, the interpreter of Maze retweeted the message of Javicia Leslie and also shared his love for her with the caption: “My daughter looks as good as hell!” While it is unlikely that a crossover between the two series will emerge, especially with

the writing of the last scene of season 6 of Lucifer, these beautiful attentions warmed the hearts of the fans.

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