Batwoman season 2: the new costume of the heroine breaks the codes of the Arrowverse


New Batwoman Season 2 poster confirms Ryan Wilder's costume as the new hero heroine breaks the tradition of the Arrowverse in a surprising way .

There will be change in the air in Batwoman Season 2 . As we already know, Ruby Rose left the adventure after only one season in the skin of the heroine. The writers therefore had to redouble their efforts to find a new Batwoman and it is done with Javicia Leslie. The actress will play Ryan Wilder and wear the costume of Batwoman in this season 2 of the DC Comics series. New heroine says new look! Moreover, a new poster of this season 2 of Batwoman has been unveiled by the CW and we confirms the fact that Ryan Wilder's costume as Batwoman breaks the tradition of the Arrowverse.

The new costume of Batwoman features some cool changes including more pops of red and a natural, curly wig. Several images provided a glimpse of Javicia Leslie's costume as Ryan, including her mask. They suggested that the character will forgo the usual black eye makeup popularized by Arrow and worn by Kate in season 1 of Batwoman . The Season 2 poster also includes the tagline “Find Your Power”, possibly hinting at Ryan's journey to becoming

Batwoman. The disappearance of Kate Kane will be the great mystery of these next episodes . Will the new Batwoman solve this riddle?

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