Batwoman season 2: the new heroine Ryan Wilder radically changes her look on a new poster


Batwoman Season 2 will air soon and the CW has shared a new poster showing off a whole new look for the heroine, Ryan Wilder!

Fans can't wait to find out Batwoman Season 2 which will have nothing to do with the premiere. The sudden and unexpected departure of Ruby Rose in the key role turned the entire universe of the series upside down, forcing the writers to completely reimagine the plot! It looks like they've risen to the challenge hands down with new heroine Ryan Wilder, who will land in Gotham City and don the Batwoman costume. One thing is certain, it is that Ryan is very different from Kate and she will bring freshness to this series of the Arrowverse. Moreover, the CW has unveiled a new poster for this season 2 of Batwoman and Ryan changed drastically look!

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The first photos of Ryan's costume showed actress Javicia Leslie with naturally curly hair, but that changed with the arrival of this season 2's final poster of Batwoman . Boasting a “New Beginnings for Gotham” , Batwoman has revealed a new take on Ryan's heroic outfit. Fans will now recognize the new costume, from the red gauntlets to the different materials it is made of. However, Ryan's curly hair is noticeably gone, replaced with an ultra smooth look. The new heroine will not fail to surprise us! While waiting for the release of the Season Premiere,

discover the official synopsis of this season 2 of Batwoman.

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