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Which are the essentials you need to know about affiliate marketing network? 

Nowadays, the major brands leading in the market don’t hesitate to use affiliate marketing to promote their business. This explains why the selective offers proposed by the affiliate networks are increasingly high. However, many people who are interested in this process have no idea what an affiliate network is. What is the best way to join one? 

Indeed, affiliate network is nothing else than an Affiliate Marketing Plateform putting in relation several publishers (affiliates) and advertisers (brand seller). 

To access an offer, the publisher will first have to sign up on a platform by referring to its own editorial line and market. After registration and validation of his profile, the affiliate will be able to apply for a program that suits his profile on the network. He has access to a wide range of affiliate programs that can be used through his media such as websites, social networks or video channels. 

The advantage of an affiliate marketing platform is to provide the affiliate with promotional materials. Generally, the advertiser delivers an affiliate link that targets will click on to access the product offered by that brand. This link will be associated with a published medium: blog post, website, social media post. Once the sale is made or the customer is engaged, the publisher receives a percentage as a commission on this operation.