Black Adam: Does this Wonder Woman 1984 Easter Egg tease the plot of the film with Dwayne Johnson?


Wonder Woman 1984 refers to Black Adam, and gives us a clue about the plot of the movie with Dwayne Johnson!

While Gal Gadot recently shared his desire for a crossover between Wonder Woman and Black Adam in the future of the DCEU , it turns out that her second adventures in solo already contain a nod to this anti-hero! Although this film is not yet visible on French territory, it turns out that it is available for streaming on HBO Max in the United States. Thus the journalists of the site The Direct discovered at the turn of a scene a reference to the enemy of Shazam. When interacting between Maxwell Lord ( Pedro Pascal ) and the oil magnate Emir Said Bin Abydo, the second reveals to the first his wish to see the return of the Bialya dynasty, his ancestral kingdom. An easy reference to miss, but very present in their dialogue!

In the comics, this Middle Eastern country is a landmark in the history of Black Adam. Indeed, this is where the anti-hero avenged the death of his wife Isis and his beau -Brother Osiris, by murdering thousands of citizens, with the aim of getting their hands on the last surviving horseman of Apokolips . In addition, it is in Bialya that archaeologist Dan Garrett discovers the Blue Beetle, before transforming into the first Blue Beetle in the DC Universe! It remains to be seen whether this reference will be used in the film with Dwayne Johnson, and if we will see the character engage in real punitive carnage … Seen the impressive physical preparation of the actor for Black Adam , which he recently unveiled in a photo , his enemies have no chance of winning the fight against him!