Black Panther 2: A Narcos Mexico star cast, any clues about the next supervillain revealed?


Could the casting rumors concerning Tenoch Huerta as Black Panther 2's next supervillain give us any clues about the future?

Last week, we learned that Black Panther 2 was officially in preparation despite several rumors of its cancellation . A news that has delighted many fans, the project piloted once again by Ryan Coogler having in particular to offer a prominent place to Letitia Wright, the interpreter of Shuri. If that most certainly means T'Challa's sister could become the MCU's new Black Panther, then she could take on an all-new villain. Indeed, according to the site Bounding into Comics, the star of Narcos: Mexico, Tenoch Huerta was reportedly recruited to play as the franchise's next supervillain Black Panther . A casting clue that could tell us more about the will of Marvel studios vis-à-vis this sequel, this announcement – if it is confirmed – could however call into question the arrival of Namor within the MCU.

Tenoch Huerta in Narcos: Mexico. – Credit (s): Netflix

Always according to the information of Bounding into Comics , Tenoch Huerta would have been approached to slip into the skin of the White Tiger, whose costume has been endorsed by several characters within the Marvel comics . Among them, NYPD Narcotics Division Detective Kevin “Kasper” Cole who in the original comics is not really a supervillain but has made a deal with Killmonger to gain access to genetically engineered weed that gives him superhuman abilities, in exchange for several services. If the link with the villain previously played by Michael B. Jordan could be a way to introduce the White Tiger in Black Panther 2, this connection still remains to define, the former enemy of T'Challa having met a tragic end at the end of the first part.

Namor in the Marvel comics. – Credit (s): Marvel Comics

Another possibility would be to replace Black Panther with the White Tiger, the introduction of this character in the original comics having was contextualized in the first place for this purpose. However, rumors about the casting of Tenoch Huerta still point to an antagonistic role. A character that leads us to wonder what will be 4280826 the place reserved for Namor in Black Panther 2 , the arrival of the Prince of the Seas having been mentioned many times against the superhero of Wakanda . Teased in the last movies Avengers , Namor's presence is highly anticipated. However, the King of Atlantis could also make his debut later in the MCU, the place of the opponent could thus go to the White Tiger. After all, since Namor's presence has not been officially confirmed in Ryan Coogler's film, the studios may prefer to introduce Kevin Cole as Tenoch Huerta, marking a significant but surprising change in artistic direction for the feature film. which will begin shooting during the summer 768.