Black Panther 2: Can vibranium become the main antagonist of the film?


Vibranium, one of the most powerful resources in the MCU, could turn into the worst threat in Black Panther 2 history.

At the end of Black Panther , the King of Wakanda decided to allow the whole world to enjoy the richness of vibranium. If his initiative is honorable, did T’Challa realize the risk he was running? Indeed, vibranium is one of the most powerful resources in the MCU , and if it is misused or falls into the hands of ill-intentioned people, the whole galaxy is threatened. Si Black Panther 2 will allow us to learn more about the origins of Wakanda – and therefore the emergence of vibranium on the lands of the fictional country, we could also discover the repercussions of its exploitation through the MCU. Even if the vibranium is responsible for the worst threat in the history of Black Panther 2

Shuri – Credit (s): Marvel Studios / Disney

Indeed, according to a theory Screen Rant, it is possible that we learn that the massive use of vibranium in Avengers: Infinity War has terrible consequences. In order to strengthen the armor of the warriors in the face of Thanos, the vibranium stockpile was used in a rush, without it being known whether it was handled correctly. After all, it took centuries of process and experimentation for one to learn how to master vibranium the right way. If the plot of Black Panther 2 follows that of the comics, we might learn that the mismanagement of this resource will cause the vibranium to become radioactive.

Black Panther – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

Very harmful to humans who are exposed to it, all those who have grazed the contaminated soil are then transformed into extremely powerful demonic spirits. Ditto for the white tigers of Wakanda, who were once humans before they were contaminated with radioactive vibranium. If the sequel follows this scenario from the comics, vibranium could prove to be much more devastating than promising … Just wait for the release of 4342500 Black Panther 2 to see if this plot will be explored, while a spin-off series on Wakanda is in the works for Disney +!