Black Panther 2: Could Okoye replace T & amp; apos; Challa at the head of Wakanda?


While there are many rumors that Shuri will succeed T’Challa on the Wakanda throne, could the function ultimately return to Okoye in Black Panther 2?

While the filming of Black Panther 2 should begin next summer, its launch having been formalized , many fans are wondering who will replace T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) on the Wakanda throne. If there are several rumors that Shuri (Letitia Wright) or M’Baku ( Winston Duke ) are the future Black Panther’s, another possibility is that ‘Okoye, the boss of Dora Milaje, takes the latter’s place in the next adaptation. Incarnated by Danai Gurira, it must be said that her character would have much of the makings of it, Okoye having repeatedly proven that she knew the cogs, the stakes as well as the codes of Wakanda.

Okoye in Black Panther. See the article : Mank on Netflix: A film dedicated to Herman J. Mankiewicz reserved for moviegoers, our review. – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

Besides, she has always been T’Challa’s right hand and could thus have learned and observed her way of leading Wakanda in order to get as close as possible to it and continue his legacy. In addition, his arrival on the Wakanda throne just like his entry into the skin of the new Black Panther could represent unexpected elements that would bring freshness to the franchise, as well as ‘at the MCU. Being considered, moreover, as a particularly interesting character, this new function could also be the occasion for fans of the Marvel universe to learn more about the one of their favorite heroine and to the studios to capitalize on Okoye’s story and personal journey.

Okoye et les Dora Milaje dans Black Panther.

Okoye and the Dora Milaje in Black Panther. – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

However, the position as well as the rank of Okoye could represent obstacles to his accession to the throne. Not being of royal blood, unlike Shuri or M’Baku, this condition could then prevent the head of Dora Milaje from becoming the new sovereign of Wakanda. If the choice could then fall on one of the current leaders of the tribes, another possibility would be that Okoye does not become the leader of the country of T’Challa and the new Black Panther that at the end of the sequel, the heroine having been able to prove her worth throughout the film. That being said, we will have to wait for more information to find out who will succeed the character of the late Chadwick Boseman at the head of Wakanda. Although Okoye is easily at the top of our Top 3, this warrior should face some formidable competition, 4320331 the future of the country and its exploration being according to the first clues, in the heart of Black Panther 2 .

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