Black Panther: a spin-off series on Wakanda in development for Disney +


The Black Panther universe will be extended to the Disney + platform in the years to come!

According to the first details unveiled by Kevin Feige, Black Panther 2 will further explore Wakanda . An exciting news which should allow us to discover the different cultures and customs of the country. However, this sequel will not be the only MCU project that will attempt to offer us a fresh take on this fictitious territory since a spin-off series intended for Disney + would be in development.

Indeed, Deadline reports that Ryan Coogler, the filmmaker behind the Black Panther adventures, has signed an exclusive five-year television deal with Disney to develop several series for the studios, the first of which will be a “ To see also : The Walking Dead, World Beyond: Origin of zombie virus confirmed? drama based on the kingdom of Wakanda ” .

Ryan Coogler et Chadwick Boseman sur le tournage de Black Panther.

Ryan Coogler and Chadwick Boseman on the set of Black Panther. – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

In a press release , Bob Iger , the boss of Disney, wanted to salute the work of Ryan Coogler within the MCU as well as his vision vis-à-vis the Black Panther universe while the director said “very excited “of such an opportunity. On the other hand, no clue has been revealed on the exact plot of this first spin-off.

It is also unclear whether the characters from the early films will return for the occasion or whether the story will focus on unpublished heroes of Wakanda. In any case, it is certain that with the talents of screenwriter of Ryan Coogler, this first derivative series should have a significant impact on the Marvel universe and most certainly be linked to Following Black Panther who could also see T’Challa’s homeland face the Avengers .

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