Black Widow: A new romance for Natasha Romanoff, good or bad idea?


Recently teased, is the romance between Natasha Romanoff and Rick Mason in the movie Black Widow a good idea?

Shifted many times, like Eternals and Shang-Chi , Black Widow is finally expected next May on the big screen . Indeed, there is no question for Marvel Studios to release the film on the solo adventures of Natasha Romanoff on the Disney platform although the question has been discussed several times. Thus, fans of the Russian spy will have to wait a few more months before discovering the Avenger's past alongside her new family. This will also welcome new members. Among them, Melina, Yelena, Alexei but also Rick Mason that the heroine of the MCU seems to consider more as his love-interest.

O.T. Fagbenle dans la peau de Rick Mason pour Black Widow.

OT Fagbenle as Rick Mason for Black Widow. To see also : Bodyguard on Netflix: is a season 2 still possible? – Credit (s): Marvel Studios / Disney

Incarnated by OT Fagbenle, the spy of SHIELD could indeed represent the next romance of the Black Widow, several rumors about the movie with Scarlett Johansson wanting Mason to feel a lot of affection for Natasha. If the details about this link are still unclear, the question still arises as to to the relevance of this scriptwriting spring at the heart of the feature film. Indeed, the creative teams will have to be careful not to fall into the cliché and not to have given the female main character a romance that was not contextualized at first. In other words, this should really be part of a new understanding of Black Widow and not act as a scenario obligation at risk for

Marvel Studios to provide a flavorless story arc.

Natasha Romanoff and Bruce Banner. – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

An artistic decision that could be fatal, especially considering the fate of Natasha Romanoff in the last Avengers films and the behavior of the spy vis-à-vis Bruce Banner in Infinity War . What would have been the point for the Russo brothers to show a certain attachment of Black Widow to the alter-ego of Hulk, if it was to make him live a romantic relationship? thereafter with a character that fans will need to get to know? A question that the solo film about Natasha Romanoff will have to answer although the connection with Rick Mason may suggest something strong in relation to the spy's past, explaining her sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame but above all being a primary issue of the film.

Black Widow versus Hawkeye in Avengers: Endgame. – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

Rick and Natasha's relationship could tell us more about his recruiting by SHIELD while the spy's investment in his crush's next mission could prove fatal and explain the death of Black Widow in Endgame . Having lost the only being she truly loved, Natasha would have sealed her fate on Vormir, with Hawkeye still having a chance to bring his family back. This romance could also represent an essential stake for the film, Mason being able to hide behind the mask of Taskmaster. The fact that the identity of the latter has not been revealed indeed suggests that it is important.

Taskmaster in Black Widow. – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

Could it be someone close to Natasha? If this could be surprising, there is no doubt that this surprise would be beneficial to the dynamics of the two enemies, especially since 4279930 Taskmaster could have been commissioned by Thunderbolt to capture Black Widow . In addition, the inclusion of a new romance for Natasha would bring a new apprehension, more sensitive to a character who has often accustomed us to a certain modesty. The opportunity finally to go beyond the romantic relationship teased in Avengers: Age of Ultron between Bruce Banner and Black Widow although many fans would have preferred to see it come to fruition.

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