Black Widow: Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man … who could Taskmaster imitate?


Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man … We have official confirmation of superheroes imitated by Taskmaster!

Even though Iron Man is ultimately absent from Black Widow , this will not prevent Taskmaster from imitating him! Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Bucky Barnes … The list of superheroes copied by the Master of Corvée is long as the arm, and it is just barely coming. to be made official by the House of Ideas. The film's fight coordinator, James Young, opened up about the villain's incredible mimetic abilities, and how they come together. translate into duels. During an interview, which you can find in the book Marvel Studios' Black Widow: The Official Movie Special Book , he confirmed which MCU vigilantes this bad guy is inspired by. And the least we can say is that he did not settle for a little …

Taskmaster – Credit (s ): Marvel Studios

Taskmaster studied the Avengers; in the Battle of the Bridge you can see it. You see Captain America Flashes, you see Bucky Flashes [Barnes] , you see Iron Man flashes, and you see Spider-M year in this sequence. How do you fight someone who can play all the Avengers at once? The hardest part of fighting is making those moments understood, but these are the moments that you are going to remember “explains James Young . Even if thanks to the trailer , the fans had managed to detect for themselves that the Corvée Master was copying Black Panther or Peter Parker, they now have official confirmation! Which is more astonishing , on the other hand, is that he imitates Tony Stark … Will he be inspired by him for his technology, or for his hand-to-hand combat movements, seen in Captain America: Civil War ? Answer in 2021, shortly after 4273203 the release of WandaVision on Disney !