Bodyguard on Netflix: is a season 2 still possible?


Is Bodyguard season 2 really going to be made? It is because we are starting to lose hope!

A few months ago, we were pretty confident that the series Bodyguard has a season 2 . The British show was indeed an unprecedented success in Great Britain when it was broadcast on the BBC channel, quickly rising to the top of the ranking of the most watched programs. His arrival on Netflix in the fall 768 has only increased its popularity. Even today, while the series is broadcast every Monday evening on France 2 from last November, it made its appearance again in the top of the most watched programs on Netflix in France.

Even controversial series like Emily In Paris , proud of their success, are entitled to a season 2 . Yet two years after it started airing, Bodyguard still hasn't. Last I heard, the show crew, and especially Richard Madden, were more than ever ready to get back on track. A return which however had to be done on one condition: that the scenario of season 2 is at the height of that of season 1. In fact, it is difficult to return to the screens after of the first episodes which have rained so much. The expectation of the public is very present. They would thus have decided to take their time, and to think about the good story to tell.

Richard Madden in Bodyguard – Credit (s): netflix On the same subject : Harry Potter, Back to the Future, Marvel Studios … these fan theories will spin your brain.

Since the team is ready to give David Budd another assignment, what elements could prevent a season 2 from seeing the light of day? The first could be a simple matter of timing. 2018 has been a difficult year for the world of series, and several shootings had to be interrupted and postponed. We can therefore imagine that things have not been able to advance much in recent months. For his part, Richard Madden may be a little busy in 2020. Between the promotion of the film The Eternals and its future new projects, there is a chance that it will be taken on other film sets which would once again slow down the production of season 2. However, by dint of waiting too long, it is possible that the series loses interest and that the excitement of the spectators is no longer necessarily the appointment.

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