Breaking Bad: we finally know Walter White's biggest weakness


The Breaking Bad antihero has quite a few flaws, but here is the biggest of all.

After offering you to discover a Breaking Bad easter egg evident in The Boys that we all missed , we come back to one of AMC's flagship series to talk this time about his antihero: Walter White (Bryan Cranston). Fans of the series know, the one who became Heisenberg has a lot of flaws, including an oversized ego that gradually turned him into a monster over the episodes . However, on second thought, we think that it is something else that has pushed him to always go too far and which really led to his downfall: his greed. It is also underlined quite quickly in the series …

Walter White – Credit (s): amc

In Season 2, Walter calculates how much more money he wants to make from the meth trafficking before he stops his illegal activities. It is 737 000 $ that he aims before hanging up his apron, but as we can s 'In doubt, he obviously does not stop and seeks to make more and more money. This weakness is what ended up losing him since he would otherwise have been able to quit much earlier and live a relatively happy life, perhaps a little boring, but with enough money so that his illness did not pose too much. problems for his family. Only Walter is greedy, and his past doesn't help.

Walter et Skyler White

Walter and Skyler White – Credit (s): amc

The whole story of Gray Matters and the money he could have made from it stuck in his throat, but his pride – though clearly misplaced and too present not to bother him – may have been quiet to a point. The one where he considered the possibility of making money “easily”, and above all, of obtaining more than he could ever have dreamed of. Despite his almost divine claims, Walter was fooled by a terribly human flaw: the desire or even the need to always have more money until you no longer know what to do with it, no longer know how to wash it and, inevitably, get caught. This is certainly not the only reason for his resignation, but the greed of Walter White remains essential in his failure by recalling that as much as he wanted to free himself from the rules applying to ordinary people, he did not has never been able to escape that of money. But the story of Walter White is starting to date and rather than looking to the past, here is 4308010 all most expected series in 2021 .