Connected to Amazon Prime: A sharp comedy on containment served by a top cast, our review


What is Connected, Amazon Prime's new comedy on confinement, with Audrey Fleurot and Michaël Youn?

You think you have experienced a confinement worse than others ? Wait until you discover the one of the gang of friends of Connected , the new original movie offered by Amazon Prime! Served by a five-star cast, it follows the unfolding of a virtual aperitif that turns into disaster. If you too have done it ( and do more) with your friends or work colleagues, you will see, this one is nothing like what you know. This pastime born in the forties is supposed to be a convivial moment, but here it turns into a drama! The film begins with friends (played by Nadia Farès, François-Xavier Demaison, Stéphane De Groodt, Audrey Fleurot, Michaël Youn and Claudia Tagbo) who meet to drink online.

Very quickly, we understand that all is not rosy between the different protagonists. Although at first glance, these friends seem united, we quickly understand that there are several tensions between them, whether they are of romantic or professional origin. But things really go wrong just minutes after they raise their glasses to toast, when one of them is assaulted and gagged live by a masked and armed stranger! Powerless, the guests of this virtual aperitif attend the scene, without knowing how to react – it turns out that they cannot call the police, because they do not know where is confined their friend. It is all the more complicated for them to make a decision that this criminal throws their worst secrets in their face, ganging them against each other …

Romuald Boulanger, the director, delivers us with Connected the first French film of confinement. Shot in a little over a week, this thriller-like comedy has an agonizing air of being behind closed doors! We immediately identify with to the protagonists whose frustration we share, those who are unable to act, stuck behind their screens while the life of their friend is at stake. The tension gradually rises between the characters as the aggressor, by screen interposed, confronts them with their pettiness, their betrayals, their lies. We can not help but think of Eight Women , the masterpiece of François Ozon in which a teenage girl develops a stratagem to force the members of her family to empty their bag, the content of which turns out to be very dark …

Connected – Credit (s): Amazon Prime

If we are so quickly caught up in this nightmarish virtual aperitif, it is also and above all thanks to its casting. François-Xavier Demaison, Audrey Fleurot and Michaël Youn, who haven't left each other since Divorce Club (our review can be read here) , are joined by a spicy Claudia Tagbo, a Nadia Stubborn Fares and an acerbic Stéphane De Groodt. The characters all have one flaw that will end up turning against them over the course of the evening, whether it is arrogance, naivety, resentment … All in all very human, that the situation of quarantine, without precedent, brings out – and at the worst time! Enough to feel a little less guilty for all these little lies that we make every day, while realizing that none of them remains buried forever. So, are you ready to confine yourself?