Constantine 2: Making a sequel with Keanu Reeves, good or bad idea?


While many fans are eagerly awaiting Constantine's sequel starring Keanu Reeves, the project ultimately might not be as bright an idea as it is. appears for studios.

Keanu Reeves could be back in a sequel to Constantine ! An announcement that has seduced many fans after Peter Stormare, the interpreter of Lucifer in the film of Francis Lawrence , teased the start of a second part. However, this project could represent a significant risk for the studios of Warner, the first film not having had the critical and financial success expected at the time of its release in 2005. This observation associated with the impact of the health crisis on cinemas and studios could also make of Constantine 2 a dangerous bet, not to mention the scriptwriting issues linked to the production of a sequel.

Keanu Reeves in Constantine's skin. On the same subject : Gray & apos; s Anatomy season 17: this character gets the most unfair treatment in the whole series. – Credit (s): Warner Bros

AT Besides these strategic and commercial arguments, fans also expect the film to respect the R-Rated aspect of the first installment. Nevertheless, it is not certain that the feature film obtains an identical leg, the Warner seeking more to satisfy the greatest number and to reach a large audience.

In this perspective, it is difficult to 'imagine the studios giving the green light, this can then create a contrast of genre and tone vis-à-vis the previous adaptation. Finally, comic book lovers and connoisseurs of the universe of Constantine seem to be against the idea of ​​a sequel, the film by 1984 having, according to them, already caused wrong to the apprehension of the character created by Alan Moore for Hellblazer . Having strongly moved away from the spirit of comics to make it a simple exorcist and having ignored the legacy of the latter, the production has not, according to them, been able to recreate the initial atmosphere.

Maybe the fans will be convinced by all these things that we would like to see in a suite of Constantine with Keanu Reeves.

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