Constantine 2: The sequel with Keanu Reeves at the origin of Justice League Dark?


Constantine 2

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While Constantine 2 has just been announced, fans are already imagining its connection to Justice League Dark!

At the beginning of the week, we learned that the film Constantine would certainly be entitled to a sequel with Keanu Reeves . An announcement following which the fans did not hesitate to express their enthusiasm, the latter now hoping that the star of Matrix formalizes its return. If it will take several months before the project can be launched, fans of DC comics and the anti-hero specialist of the occult arts already imagine the adventures of the latter. If the return of

Peter Stormare in the shoes of the Devil is probably not a coincidence, the sequel can again stage a pact between Constantine and Lucifer, the media CBR points to the arrival of Justice League Dark.

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a series and films on Justice League Dark produced by JJ Abrams could soon see the light of day, these adaptations could previously be contextualized by Constantine 2 . Indeed, in the original comics, the Exorcist of the DC Universe is actually one of the founding members of this all-supernatural team. Given the attractiveness of the studios and the public for many years to the interconnected superheroic worlds, it wouldn't be surprising if the Warner considered linking Constantine to other DC characters, like Zatanna, Deadman or even Shade. The latter could notably appear in a sequel with Keanu Reeves via cameos or in a post-credits scene, this scenario effect being able in the blink of an eye to extend the cinematographic universe piloted by Warner Bros. The opportunity finally for Constantine to have subsequently a leading role in the universe if he came to join the Justice League Dark and for the production to further immerse its audience in a dark and horrific universe!

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Constantine 2: Keanu Reeves back for a sequel?

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