Could Spider-Man 3: The Movie also host an alternate version of Doctor Strange?


Spider-Man 3

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Could the MCU's Sorcerer Supreme face an alternate version of himself in Spider-Man 3?

Andrew Garfield, Kirsten Dunst, Tobey Maguire, Emma Stone … All will be reunited in the spider-verse, the return of the actors of the first franchises having been confirmed. An announcement that has delighted many amateur fans of the spider-man universe and which could represent an additional clue to the arrival of other alternative versions of superheroes in the MCU. Because if the character of Tom Holland should face two or even three Peter Parker different, it is legitimate to wonder if Doctor Strange could not during these next adventures alongside of Spider-Man, encounter another Sorcerer Supreme from a parallel dimension.

Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. See the article : Harry Potter: J.K Rowling's joke sparked a bizarre Godric Gryffindor theory. – Credit (s): Sony Pictures

An idea that does not appears not surprising and which could plunge us further into the Multiverse and its possibilities. In addition, this would make it possible to use an easter egg teased in Spider-Man 2

by Sam Raimi that a Sorcerer Supreme would exist in the universe of Tobey Maguire. If the latter were to join the distribution of Spider-Man 3

made-in MCU, it would then be possible that the actor is accompanied by a new version of Doctor Strange. A support that the characters of Tom Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch are likely to need, the combined capacities of the two Supreme Wizards can represent an essential asset against future dangers.

Alternate version of Tom Cruise as Iron Man.

Finally, this scenario spring would allow to introduce the time of a cameo or a more prolonged presence, a real Hollywood star in the MCU. If the studios have already expressed their willingness to play with the cannons of the Multiverse in order to offer amazing surprises, it would not be impossible that production uses real celebrity faces,

certain rumors wanting in particular that Tom Cruise or Emily Blunt slip respectively into the skin of Iron Man or Black Widow to embody their alternative versions . An element that could be particularly fun to discover but also bring a new apprehension to the character of Doctor Strange for a brief appearance. It remains to be seen whether the studios will make the bet to introduce a new Sorcerer Supreme in Spider-Man 3

and if so, who will lend his features to the character, new information from the shooting may give us some clues in the coming weeks …

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