Could Venom 2: Spider-Man be more related to Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson) than Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy)?


While many people evoke a link between Venom and Spider-Man, could the latter not ultimately be more linked to Cletus Kasady?

While the crossover with Spider-Man (Tom Holland) in Venom 2 could have been confirmed by a costume , fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the spider-man alongside the character played by Tom Hardy. While the details of such a meeting in the heart of the Spider-Verse are still unknown, another possibility would be that Peter Parker is more tied to future Venom antagonist Cletus Kasady. An idea that appears interesting and would take the opposite of the original comics while creating a scriptwriting surprise. Be careful though, we do not imply that Spider-Man can team up with Carnage. However, the latter might want to gain praise from the superhero in several ways.

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The first, through a common origin, the two characters being orphans. If the comics had established a connection between Cletus and Peter through the orphanage of St. Estes, the place used as the setting for their first meeting, the studios could however use due to the fact that they lost their respective parents. Although the relationship between Kasady and his family had been more chaotic, this notorious serial killer could try to lure Peter into his nets thanks to his personal history. This could then highlight the villain's manipulative power, Spider-Man's young age and inexperience having furthermore shown that he can be particularly gullible at times.

Although this then allows Cletus to get closer to Peter, the latter could however discover that the serial killer is at the origin of the death of his parents. A captivating theory that would allow us to forge an unprecedented link between the two characters and to teach us more about the origin story of Spider-Man. In view of these ideas, the spider-man would appear more related to the character of Woody Harrelson than to that embodied by Tom Hardy . However, given the plot of Andy Serkis' film, it is very likely that this connection will only be made in future adventures between the symbiotes and Peter Parker. If the arrival of the latter within the universe of Eddie Brock has many times been teased, 4281729 Tom Holland having apparently been confirmed for a cameo in Venom 2 , this link might indeed not only be initiated from a third installment on symbiotes. Enough to ultimately expand the Spider-Verse and build a captivating connection that is both complementary and rival between Spider-Man and Carnage.

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