Cruella: Transformation of Cruella (Emma Stone) into a villain, grandiose ball scenes … Mark Strong (Kingsman) teases a fascinating film


The origin story of the villain of Dalmatians should live up to our expectations, according to Mark Strong!

The actor Mark Strong, who will soon be playing at live-action Disney on Cruella , of which we revealed part of the plot here , teased during from an interview a film that promises to be fascinating! The actor is supposed to play the Baron, the father of the wicked. “ I had a great time. I'm a huge fan of Craig Gillespie, who directed it. Loved Me, Tonya and A Bride Like No Other, the movies that 'he realized before I knew him. Just loving what he did meant we wanted to work together, and he asked me to play that role in Cruella. It was fantastic to be on the set. It's such a huge production “the actor told the site Collider.

Mark Strong in Sherlock Holmes – Credit (s): Warner Bros This may interest you : The Punisher: Despite its cancellation, a season 3 could well see the light of day according to Jon Bernthal (Frank Castle).

There are huge fashion and dance sequences, which are so impressive. I was present on set while filming those scenes, and I spent most of my time with the two Emma's – Emma Stone and Emma Thompson. It was really great breaking the ice with these actresses during the downtime and then playing with them, telling this fantastic story that I think people are going to really enjoy , when the cameras were running “adds Mark Strong . “ What the movie does, and what's brilliant, is trying to shed light on the origin of the Cruella that we think we know. It's an origin story, because you see Cruella becoming the Cruella d'Enfer that we know and that we love to hate “he concludes. Known for his roles as a bad guy, including that of Sherlock Holmes, the actor had to leave give to your heart's content on the set of the live-action Disney. Soon, we will also discover 4267457 Raya and the Last Dragon , whose unveiled trailer reveals a determined warrior !

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