DCEU: Will Mera (Amber Heard) join the Justice League after the Snyder Cut ends?



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New rumors suggest that Mera could replace one of the members of the Justice League after the Snyder Cut.

The Snyder Cut will be the opportunity to discover a new version of Justice League . After several years of campaigning, fans of the DCEU will be able to discover next month on the HBO Max platform, the vision of Zack Snyder . If we do not yet know how the film will land in France, it is presented as a four hour long epic which will pit DC’s iconic superheroes against Darkseid . An epic and dangerous clash that should see Steppenwolf perish, like two members of the Justice League. According to Bounding into Comics , it would be Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

If it will be necessary to wait for further details to know if this information is true, the media reports also that Mera would have to replace the Prince of the Seas at the end of the Snyder Cut. This may interest you : Could Venom 2: Spider-Man be more related to Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson) than Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy)?

An interesting clue that could be related to

Justice League reshoots shot by Amber Heard . While this may also offer the actress a leading role in the DCEU, recent court scandals between the actress and her ex-husband Johnny Depp, could force the Warner to diminish Mera’s place in the universe. There is also the question of how this function within the Justice League would fit into the continuity of Aquaman 2 . So many conditions that make us doubt the veracity of this rumor, all the more so as this may not please fans after the heavy controversy around Amber Heard and the launch of a petition asking for her departure …

Credits: Bounding into Comics.