Deadpool 3: Could Thanos and Cable's connection explain Wade Wilson's arrival in the MCU?


Could the casting of Josh Brolin as Thanos and Cable be used for Deadpool's arrival in the MCU?

While Disney and Marvel Studios are currently considering writing the character of Deadpool in order to orchestrate his arrival in the MCU, several people – starting by superhero creator Rob Liefeld – haven't shied away from voicing their skepticism. However, since Kevin Feige's announcements at San Diego Comic Con in 2019, many solutions have been proposed to welcome Wade Wilson in the MCU. Whether it is through the Multiverse introduced in Doctor Strange 2 , the superhero's belonging to another Earth or the creation of a dark and alternate universe for Deadpool, Blade and the X-Men , fans don't seem to lack imagination, another possibility even wanting the bond between Thanos and Cable to bring the character played by Ryan Reynolds into the MCU.

Josh Brolin as Cable. – Credit (s): deadpool 2

As a reminder, the two antagonists present in Avengers: Endgame and Deadpool 2 were played by Josh Brolin. Therefore, and given the meta aspect attributed, since the release of the first installment, to Deadpool, it would not be surprising if the character uses this connection to make his entry into the Marvel universe. Having often broken the fourth wall in order to address his audience, Wade Wilson could for example explain that Cable is actually an alternate version of Thanos, each of them having several similarities. Representing major enemies, they were also driven by deep and personal motivations. If one tried to find his murdered wife and daughter, the other wanted above all to accomplish a megalomaniac destiny. Both using artifacts and other gadgets to control the weather, Thanos and Cable could indeed be related.

Another possibility is that Cable is somehow a descendant of Thanos. Because if the

the first two parts of Deadpool might have happened after Avengers: Endgame , it does It would therefore not be impossible that the Deviant origins of Thanos subsequently favored the mutation of Cable, the latter being a cybernetic mutant. The connection between these two characters could also be established thanks to the superhero played by Ryan Reynolds, the latter being able to try at the end of Deadpool 2 to find Cable, this leading him in the footsteps of Thanos and more broadly those of the MCU.

Thanos and Cable. – Credit (s): Marvel Studios / Fox

However, whether the link between these two characters passes through several alternative dimensions or through heredity, remains that the meta identity of the adaptations Deadpool , could help kick-start the latter's arrival in the MCU, with the punchline swung at Cable calling him Thanos once again proving that Wade Wilson is positions in an unprecedented way in relation to the Marvel universe. Moreover, if the connection between Thanos and Cable could be introduced at the start of the third installment, the plot of the latter could also be based on the Deadpool's entry into the MCU as well as the issues raised by it. While creating the surprise, this scriptwriting spring would allow to take the opposite of the current controversy around the film and launch difficulties by Marvel and Disney studios. While retaining the humor and identity of the character, this theory would be a guarantee of originality for the Maison des Idées. Qualities that will amaze fans of the Marvel universe and allow it to crystallize its uniqueness within the cinematic action landscape.