Deadpool 3: How will Wade Wilson join the MCU? The best fan theories


Marvel Studios fans are never short of theories, and they’ve proven it once again with their assumptions about Deadpool’s arrival in the MCU.

It’s official, Wade Wilson will not only be returning to our screens in Deadpool 3 , it will also make its debut in the MCU . An introduction that fans of Marvel Studios have already looked at. As you will be able to see with the theories that we share with you below , hardly had the information fallen that some already imagined many scenarios that could lead to the introduction of the anti-hero. The possibilities are indeed multiple, and if sometimes these speculations are a bit far-fetched, others make so much sense that one would be almost tempted to think that they should not be too far from the truth.

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Deadpool has always been a part of the MCU

Wade Wilson alias Deadpool

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Sometimes the simpler things are the best. According to some fans, rather than finding some way to bring Deadpool into the

MCU , the writers could choose to simply pretend he’s always been around. If so, why was it never mentioned? Here is a question the film can surely answer. After all, The Incredible Hulk is considered to be an integral part of the MCU today, while the following films hardly make it. never reference.

Deadpool arrives thanks to the multiverse

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The multiverse is going to have a very important role to play in the MCU, and maybe not just in Spider-Man 3 and Doctor Strange 2 . At least that’s what a theory states that Deadpool will land in the Avengers universe by traveling through the multiverse. Accident or choice conscious? That will be the whole question.

A (almost) Deadpool reboot

Another hypothesis suggests the possibility of a more or less complete reboot of the franchise See the article : The Batman: The murder of Alfred (Andy Serkis) at the heart of the next films? Deadpool . In other words, the Marvel studios would choose to ignore certain details of the previous two installments, like the existence of the X-Men, in order to stick to the MCU. The studios have sort of already done this by incorporating the character of J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man Far From Home , played once in more by JK Simmons.

A crossover with Spider-Man

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The most popular speculation on the Web describes a sensational arrival of 4314862 Deadpool in the MCU thanks to a crossover with Spider-Man, potentially in Spider-Man 3 . In the comics, the relationship between the two superheroes is not always simple, but its surprising and funny side has seduced many readers. So much so that many are just waiting for one thing, for Peter and Wade to help each other out in the MCU.

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